A step closer to Nirvana

Coordinates 10°58′21″N

“Its better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times”.

A combination of few number can be the change for good we look for, can be the key to NIRWANA.

Take your compass out of treasure box, its time to bring it to use, its time to travel, to go out and hunt down a masterpiece built by man. Its time to be inspired about “YOGA” an ancient science miracle. YOGA is one key to unlock man’s more than one problem and this is accepted and proven globally. Indian government construed staute to inspre YOGA in India(where it all began) and rest of the world.

Visit the Adiyogi (the first yogi) statue that stands tall at 112 ft in Coimbatore. The height of the statue, 112 ft (34 m), symbolizes the 112 possibilities to attain to moksha (liberation) that are mentioned in yogic culture. The world might not be the answer to moksha but yoga is that complete answer. Youga when coupled with travel can surely be the better way to explain this.

This giant monument other than spiritual and cultural representation has some amazing status of its own. Did u know that it holds the Guinness World Record for the Largest Bust Sculpture in the world? One of its kind and most probably the only one, so its worth a visit once. Be awed by the magnificence of this sculpture when in Coimbatore at Isha Yoga Centre.

This face is not a deity or temple, this is an iconic inspiration. Built for higher purpose to fulfill the the hearts with peace and inspiring one to better health(physical and mental) by promotion of yoga. In pursuit of the divine, you don’t have to look up because it is not somewhere else but within you, with this thought pay your tribute to the giver, the first yogi, ADIYOGI.

Travel this time to attain self-transformation, a step closer to NIRWANA.

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