An Interview with Shree, A Blogger, Writer, Traveller & Entrepreneur

“Life is a daring adventure, or nothing at all” –HELEN KELLER.

SHREE (BLOGGER, WRITER & ENTREPRENEUR)– Started career as a business owner with her start-up in 2014, and now from last year, she begins with a new path of blogging and core hearted content writer. She is also a part of SEASONZBLUE, which is a travel agency established with a motto of her and a team of seasonzblue to provide genuine customer service and sustainable delivery of prompt assistance. She also shares her travel thoughts and tips as she loves t help people in planning a trip.

Here is an altogether friendly conversation with her:

Amritanshu: Tell us about your professional journey till now, and what makes you turn out to be a writer?

SHREE: I started my career in 2012 in HRM and managed to run smoothly till2018, as I always been a writer by the core. I mostly spend my time writing what I feel I should but never thought to publish or share with any medium to public platform until I realized that it could be the most popular way to explore. It can be the anther best platform for my u-turn to my soul motive to explore. Thanks to social media networking. I somehow randomly got proposals to write out as a content writer/Blogger and later discovered should focus on this could make me satisfy me as a writer being. So I started as a content writer than blogger but anonymously due to official reason, but now entirely on writer zone, it is my dream path too now. Associated with Seasonzblue and planned a lot of things which are in the pipeline, you will surely get to know this very soon shortly. 

When and why did you choose to associate with the travel industry?

I started all this in 2017but specifically for travel stuff associated with Seasonzblue because I guess it came first, so I took it up. I was also looking for something to explore my writing things deliberately and wanted to discover the culture of digital scenario, so that’s the beginning of all. The reason for associating with the travel industry is to make things easier for people who get into a mess due to less information. Google serves all the information, but that’s not exactly what first hand should be. So the plan was to provide simple, or you can say it’s minor or fundamental (for literate) but essential for those who were looking for general and all together detail information.

Brief us about Seasonzblue and prospects?

Seasonzblue is the platform where we serve for the plan to make people trip or travel experiences memorable and swift so that they fell free and comfortably enjoy the moment. Delivery of promises and stand out in terms of customer satisfaction is a priority anthem. There is no such plan, but surely, there is a growth plan which always been in terms of building customer’s trust in us and excel the path with our services to make their dream journey to experience.

How’s your new team, and how difficult for you to adjust in this original path?

My new seasonzblue team is very cordial and cooperative towards me. I feel great and blessed to have such an incredible workaholic team. I did adjust myself very well when you live your passion, and it turns out to be your career that would be the most satisfying thing for anyone.

Which part of India have you visited the most? How was your experience and what you loved the most about those places?

I visited Gwalior, Lucknow, Kolkata, Darjeeling, and Sikkim, and all I had enjoyed northeast trip most. I am nature admirer and love to surrounded by snowy mountains and greeny landscapes. The most favourite exciting thing to experience is viewing the sunrise from the closest point and experience the daring, adventurous activities. I have the side of curiosity is so looked forward to exploring historic siting to feed myself with unknown facts. 

what’s the most prominent misconception people have about travelling and what’s your finding on its reality? 

In India, I think people still don’t feel women be solo travellers due to safety reasons, and there is the mindset that women should not opt for this kind of field to work. But I guess we had a lot of successful famous travel bloggers as women and we combined ky broken this myth and mindset will change. I think travelling is something that makes a person came across their fears and to bring out a bold and beautiful version of their own. 

How do you decide what destination is going to be your topic for the next blog? 

For me, it’s very simple, but it takes a lot of research work, I prefer to write about those destinations which are on the searching list, but it has scattered information on the digital platform. My motive is always to make travel a more natural and well informative process for people out there. I have seen people suffer and get cheated due to a lack of knowledge, and I wanted to make them aware and be well acquainted. 

what will be your travel mantra to enjoy and experience new things?

Always be informed and get done all the research about the destinations. And most importantly, don’t make yourself comfortable in luxurious hotel rooms in spite get along with locals, enjoy the cuisine, explore the beauty of different cultures & speciality of places. If anyone wanted to enjoy, the site feels that it’s our home, and people will take you accordingly.

Do you got stuck while or during writing? What do you do to get out of it?

Hmm:) yes, I think every writer does stuck at some point in time. It’s evident as we all know writing is something that comes out of your heart and then from the mind. Everyone wanted to bring something out of the box, and it takes a lot of thought storming. I stuck most of the time. I stop writing then and there and refresh myself with coffee and a long walk, or if it didn’t work, then best and the last thing to spend some time with music that surely works for me at least. Music has always been my stress buster and refreshment dose of mine. 

Amritanshu: At the end, let’s know about you specifically :

☑️Hobbies: Reading, surfing, Music

☑️Upcoming projects: New digital blogs for newbies, Ebooks for travel lovers

☑️Colour: Sky blue

☑️Zodiac: Aries

☑️Movie: Swadesh

☑️Hometown: Jamshedpur (known as Steel City)

Thanks a lot for answering my questions. I learned a lot and I’m sure readers also learned a lot today. Looking forward to more content from you!

Ask any question in the comments below and Shree will reply!

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