Nestled in the Eastern Himalayas between China and India, Bhutan or the “Kingdom of Bhutan” is known for its monasteries, fortresses, rich culture and the magical captivating landscapes that range from subtropical plans to steep mountains and valleys. Otherwise, called the Buddhist temple, Bhutan is the world’s happiest country and also the only country in the world that’s carbon negative. Many people find it fascinating and straight out of a fairytale.

Top Attractions                          

Tiger’s Nest Monastery

Hanging on a cliff and standing above an enchanting forest of blue pines and rhododendrons, this beautiful and very exceptional monastery is a sheer climbing hill. The view of the Paro valley from here on is breathtaking and also the atmosphere is extremely holy, a place where every Bhutanese will want to come at least once in his/her life. This is also the place where Guru Rinpoche brought Buddhism into Bhutan, arriving on the back of a tigress.

Punakha Dzong

Being the second oldest and second largest dzong in Bhutan, Punakha Dzong or Pungthang Dewachen Phodrang (Palace of Great Happiness) is the country’s most gorgeous and majestic dzong. The place is a breathtaking and glorious sight on the first glimpse from the road, which is accessible from a 3 hours drive from east of the capital, Thimpu. The place is joined on the mainland by an arch wood bridge and contains several precious relics from the times when successive kings reigned the kingdom over this valley. Furthermore, it is blessed with a temperature climate and lovely lilac colored jacaranda trees that grow around the dzong during spring.

Zuri Dzong Hike

One of the oldest dzongs in Bhutan dating back to the 12th century. Rich in history and royal in values, the cave in the area is believed to be the place where Buddha meditated in the 8th century. Protected by double-walls and a bridge, this five-storey building is an ideal place to hike. Apart from its historical significance, the Zuri Dzong Hike is one of those places where you can sit and enjoy the mesmerizing view of Paro Valley.

Uma Paro Hotel

Situated amidst the snow-capped peaks and towering pines of the Himalayan Mountain with views that overlay the Paro district, Uma Paro Hotel is the embodiment of relaxation, peace, and comfort. This beautiful hotel offers elegant interiors, exquisite food, a pampering Como Shambhala spa, and a cool pool amid the mind-bending ravishing scenery. You could lose hours simply mesmerizing at the magical Himalayan landscape. Also, the rooms available specialize in different sceneries and needs for every individual’s preference.

Gangtey Valley in winter

Gangtey valley, also known as the Phobjikha Valley is a wide, flat glacial valley, surrounded by mountains on all sides, creating a sense of deep isolation, and worth a visit of one or two days. This broad valley with its best-known marshland in Bhutan is popular for its scenic splendor and cultural uniqueness. Tsechu, it holds the colorful Mask Dance Festival of Bhutan every year in the precincts of the Phobjikha Valley in the Gangsten Monastery courtyard. Additionally, there’ll be a special treat for those visiting this place in the winter season as they’ll be able to catch the sleek black-necked cranes from the Tibetan Plateau that visit the valley each year to roost.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Bhutan is during the spring months of March to May when the valleys bloom with beautiful flowers. The ideal time to visit Bhutan is between October to November and March to April. These months offer the best weather for mountain trekking and overnight stays in characterful tea houses. If you’re interested in seeing the rare black-necked cranes, we recommend you to visit the Phobjikha Valley between late October and mid-February.

Major Airport

There are only 4 airports of Bhutan to accommodate the travel of its many tourists. Paro, the only International airport out of the four airports, is situated in Paro, a valley town in Bhutan. Gelephu airport is situated in Samtenling (Gewog) only hosts only one airline, Druk Air, which flies to and from Paro and Jakar. Bathpalathang airport is the newest airport in Bhutan located in Jakar. Bhutan Airlines and Druk Air are the two main airlines that operate here. Yongphulla airport is the domestic airports of Bhutan located near the town of Trashigang. The two major airlines that operate here are Druk Air and Bhutanese Airlines.


  • Location: Southern Asia
  • Area: 38,394 square kilometers
  • Population: 815,910 (According to the 2018 estimation)
  • Language: Dzongkha (a Tibetan dialect)
  • Currency: Indian Rupee, Ngultrum (locally and officially accepted currency)

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