Bhutan is the amazing beautiful destination of wowsome landscapes and it attract tourists  from all corners mostly Indians. Earlier visiting Bhutan for Indian tourists was free but ankw it become history now. Before latest legislation Tourist needs only permit by showing documents specified.. The government of Bhutan, National Assembly as the tourism Levy and Exemption Bill of Bhutan 2020 announced that it will levy Sustainable Development Fee.

Bhutan government passed latest legislation on Tuesday in regards to tourism policy which imposes restriction and put an end on free entry visit of tourists of India, Bangladesh and Maldives. From past decades it’s been free entry for the Indian tourists.

But after the rapid increase of tourist by the 10% from statistics of 2018 and to deal with the growth of tourist percentage, government imposes levy on India, Bangladesh and Maldives tourists.

As per new legislation,Indian are reported to be charged a sustainable development fee and permit processing fee as it won’t be charged earlier, the children under 5 years would be exempted and above 6_12 will be charged ₹600 only, other international tourist ,pay $250(approx 18000)which includes $65 a day SDF(sustainable development fee),along with $40 for visa charge.

End of decade’s free entry to Indian tourist, now after JULY 2020 levy  1200 DAILY FEE for regional tourist from India, Bangladesh and Maldives it will help government to provide facilities in ratio of growth of tourism and to regulate effectively the new tourism policy .

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