Daringbadi: The Kashmir of Odisha

Odisha is mainly known for its capital city, Bhubaneswar which is popular been called the “Temple City of India.” Be it the more than a 1000-year-old Lingaraj Temple, the popular Konark Sun Temple, the Kalijai Temple which said to be the abode of Goddess Kalijai (Kali) or the revered Jagannath Temple in Puri. For Odisha, we can say that the state has been blessed with the deities itself. This is true because Odisha has a lot more to offer than just many of the landmark temples, which has made it into one of the major tourist states in India. And one such a place name is Daringbadi.

About Daringbadi

Otherwise known as the “Kashmir of Odisha”, Daringbadi is a small hill station in Odisha. Located in the eastern Kandhamal district of the state, this place is situated at a height of almost 3000 ft. The place received its name from a British officer back in the days of British rule in India. The officer was known as Daring Saheb and he was then in charge of the place. They named the place after him as Daringbadi where “Badi” means village. With Odisha gaining massive popularity in the tourism sector, this place has grown into prominence in recent years as a popular tourist destination. The place is popular for its natural locations, including hills and waterfalls, and its calming weather.

Best Time to Visit Daringbadi

We can visit Daringbadi throughout the year. Also, the wintertime between December to January can be considered as the best time to visit this Kashmir of Odisha due to its weather. During this time the temperature often falls below zero degrees and a thin layer of snow coating is formed during the night and can be seen in the morning hour which is a sight to behold.

How to Reach Daringbadi?

There are two major ways to reach Daringbadi. One can either buy a bus ticket from Bhubaneswar which is around 302 kilometers away from the place or book a train ticket till Berhampur (Also known as Brahmapur) which is almost 140 kilometers away from the hill station itself. From Berhampur, Daringbadi can be reached through a bus or mainly hired cabs. The nearest international airport to this place is the Biju Patnaik International Airport in Bhubaneswar.

Top Things to Do in Daringbadi

One can visit Hill View Park or Nature Park. Both places offer quality surroundings to spend time alone or with your loved ones. Other than this, one can visit the Herbal Garden Picnic Spot, which is a popular scenic point in this place. One can enjoy the amazing breathtaking views of the cloud-laden hills and the nature from here. Also, one is most likely to fall in love with the place of local eateries.

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