Glass Skywalk

Pelling, Sikkim, India

Also referred to as the Pelling Skywalk or Chenrezig Glass Skywalk is the first glass skywalk in India. This skywalk is a transparent foot bridge which leads to the Chenrezig Statue near Sanga Choeling. Chenrezig statue at Pelling is the fourth tallest statue situated in Sikkim. It has a tallness of 137-ft arranged at Pelling, West Sikkim. “Chenrezig” is a sign of all the Buddha’s sympathy. His name signifies “One Who Looks with an Unwavering Eye”. Skywalk is a goal-oriented, Rs 500 Crore task of the Department of Tourism, Government of Sikkim India. In view of the lines of Skywalk in Grand Canyon, USA, this venture includes development of glass cantilever at Rawangla – a noteworthy visitor goal of Sikkim.

The Glass Skywalk is magnificently located around some raw natural beauties of Sikkim. From the bridge, one can have a grandiose look at the valley underneath, the winding Teesta and the Rangit. Apart from that, the bridge also provides the look at the Kanchenjunga which is the third highest mountain in the world.

FAQs related to the Glass Skywalk

Is there any entry fee to visit the Glass Skywalk ?

es, you’ll need tickets to visit the Pelling Skywalk. Though, you need not have purchase or buy any tickets to visit the Chenrezig Statue beside it.

How much is the entry fee ?

The ticket cost is Rupees 20 for locals of Sikkim and Rupees 50 for rest of the Indian nationals as well as foreigners.

How long is the Pelling Skywalk ?

It’s approx 137 feet long.

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