How to Plan an Ideal Bhutan Tour from India

Brief Introduction of Bhutan

There is something magical about Bhutan, the land that is simple yet mesmerizing somehow touches your soul, balm it with peace, and mend the broken heart. The salubrious climate, the breathtaking views, and also the majestic monasteries could seem a clichéd way to describe the wonder of Bhuta. However, each word used for this gorgeous country is in its purest form. The best time to visit Bhutan is during the spring months when the valleys come alive with flowers in bloom.

Ways to reach Bhutan from India

Visiting and exploring Bhutan is often a wonderful experience, something that you will never forget. So, if you also want to have this unforgettable experience, then let me help you with the finest Bhutan travel guide that will let you plan Your Bhutan tour from India in the best way.

Below is the step-by-step guide that will help you plan your tour with no trouble or confusion to this Land of Thunder Dragon.

  1. By Flight

Flying to Bhutan from India is easy. There are two directs airlines, namely Drukair, the national carrier and Bhutan Airlines, the new private airline operating with the permission of the government. These are the only airlines permitted operating flights into and out of Bhutan. These airlines operate flights from Delhi, Gaya, Bagdogra, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Guwahati to Paro, Bhutan’s only international airport. Indian travelers can be offered special fares in Drukair if they contact the airline through email.

  • By Train

One of the cheapest ways to reach Bhutan from India is by train. Hasimara is the nearest railway station to Jaigaon, an Indian town on the Indo-Bhutan border. It is situated at a distance of 17 km from Jaigaon. There are trains to Hasimara from Kolkata, Delhi, Ranchi, and Kanpur. It situates another railway station that offers decent connectivity in New Jalpaiguri. The tickets and timetable are available on the Indian Railways IRCTC website. Though trains take longer, they are quite cost-efficient and are ideal for budget travelers.

  • By Road

The most common way to enter Bhutan from India by road is from Jaigaon city in West Bengal. It is only 4.3 km from Phuentsholing, the border town of Bhutan. Private cabs are available between the two places. People getting down at New Jalpaiguri (by train) avail of cab services. The airport at Bagdogra also avail cab services and has prepared taxis. Indian travelers can take their own cars to enter Bhutan, although they need to get a vehicle permit to do so which can be processed from the Regional Transport Office in Phuentsholing.

  • By Bus

To reach Bhutan, buses will be boarded from Indian towns of Kolkata and Siliguri. The buses are run by Royal Bhutanese Government. You can take a direct bus from Esplanade Station in Kolkata to Phuentsholing. The journey takes about 18 hours to reach Phuentsholing from Kolkata and it’s comfortable. Siliguri has frequent bus service to Phuentsholing/Jaigaon.

How to Get Tourist Visa/Entry Permit in Bhutan

Citizens of India do not need a visa to visit Bhutan, because the entity 1949 Treaty between Bhutan and India allows for free movement of people reciprocally. Indian citizens may use any of the acceptable documents mentioned below to enter Bhutan:

  • Valid Indian passport with at least six months validity remaining
  • Voter ID with a photograph
  • An Identification Slip issued by the Indian Consulate Office in Phuentsholing upon presenting proof of Indian citizenship.


Traveling in Bhutan is an extraordinary experience. The country teaches you how to be happy in small things and to be grateful for all that you have. I hope this Bhutan travel guide will help you plan a perfect holiday tour, and you will keep yourself away from all the hassles. You can also visit various tour sites for more on Bhutan and other amazing travel packages that cater to all your needs.

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