India makes it highest overall jump in WEF: Reaches to number 34th rank.

A recent report, published by World Economic Forum (WEF) had made the largest jump in the Travel and Tourism competitiveness by jumping a huge 6 spot to 34th rank from 40th in 2017. This happens to be India registering the highest percentage improvement to its overall score and is the only lower-middle-income country in the top 35.

This growth is said to be the impact created by India’s rich natural heritage and cultural resources as well as price competitiveness. Apart from India, only Brazil and Thailand have made it to the top 35 ranks on the list for the same reason.

Subsequently, the report has also mentioned that India has even made a significant improvement in the business environment and environmental sustainability. Maybe, the country has made a great jump in the travel and tourism list, it has slipped on ranking on four of the 14 factors since the last report, on which the 140 countries were by the World Economic Forum (WEF).

One note is that it accounts for the GDP of 84 percent of the global travel and tourism for by the top 35 economies listed in the WEF travel and tourism. It covers about 70 percent of all international tourist arrivals. And from the 35 countries in the travel and tourism ranking list, only 6 are from high-income economies, 20 countries are from Europe, 10 from the Asia Pacific and 4 from the Americas and only one is from the middle and as the North African region.

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