Lesser Known Facts About Sikkim

For those who have heard of Sikkim, must have heard about the popular Baba Harbhajan Mandir, Gurudongmar Lake etc. These two are, arguably, the most talked about locations in Sikkim and for all the right reasons. But there are some quite important facts and details which many tourists are not aware of. Let us check what some of those are:

Hot Spring

Yes, Sikkim has a natural hot spring but not many tourists know about it. It is on top of a mountain in Lachung, right before the Chumthang valley. One can visit this hot spring on the way to Chumthang valley and Zero Point. Also, the hot spring is accessible for all and free of cost.

Prayers Flags

While visiting Sikkim one can notice lots of colorful Prayers tied to every nooks and corners of the street. This is the Buddhist custom which has been followed since centuries, who used to plant these flags to spread positivity. In fact, there are 5 colors of flags with each representing 5 basic elements. Yellow for earth, Green for water, Red for fire, White for air and Blue for space.


Due to its location, transportation ways are quite limited in Sikkim, especially, in the rural areas. Bus and train facilities are not available and most of the travel in Sikkim has to be done through taxis and other four wheelers which are available at affordable costs.


Weather is the most unpredictable thing in Sikkim, it’s rarely sunny and can rain anytime due to which one can even witness two rainbows together. So, do carry an umbrella or a trench coat to avoid rain being a spoil sport during your visit.

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