North East India Comes With An Initiative To Restrict Plastic Waste

We all know how breathtaking North-East India is. From hilly mountains, largest waterfalls, sacred lakes and awe-inspiring views and locations North East has now become one of the favorite tourist destinations. Not just that their delectable cuisines, rich cultural heritage and way of living is something that’s really inspiring people all around the country. Most of the North East has taken huge steps towards conserving environment and helping in climate control. They are arguably, the flag bearer of the Swatch Bharat Campaign initiated by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In fact, in recent years one of the North East State, Sikkim, has become a complete organic state. Not just that it has banned total plastic use as well. And now a Facebook page named “Initiative United North East” has come up with an Ice Cream Cup Made Up Of Banana Leaves as a means to prevent plastic usage further and captioned it as “Small but great start to end plastic waste”. Now, isn’t that something unique and worthwhile and further gives us one more reason to visit North East India.

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