Seasonzblue Christmas Santa Offer @1400/Day Only

Christmas season is one of the prime time when people love visiting this beautiful city of Gangtok when the entire city is decorated with Christmas ornaments, Christmas bulbs, and Christmas bubbles made of glass, metals, woods and ceramics. And this year, Seasonzblue is taking the 5 Night & 6 Day party to Gangtok at the best sale price of only Rs. 8,400 only.

  • Tour Type: This is a “Group” based tour package where a group must have a minimum of 20 persons. However, it does not mean that an individual or a couple or any small group cannot avail this amazing year-end sales offer. They can still register themselves for the trip and will be added to any available group. It will be a “First come, First Serve” based booking and only after confirmation. So, what are you waiting for? Book it, confirm it and have a great time.
  • Dates & Duration: The trip will start on 22nd December and while lasting 5 Night and 6 Day will end on 27th December. We will commence our tour with a warm reception at your “Pick Up” point which is going to be NJP or Bagdogra Airport. During this time, our local representatives as well as official be present with you giving their best to make this entire trip an enjoyable experience for life.
  • Total Cost: The entire tour has been made group based, mainly, to suit the budgets of every travelers without having to compromise on the facilities you seek or burn your pockets too deep. Therefore, our team has come up with this “Room Sharing Based” strategy to provide different tour charges for the same facilities. You can check below to see our three different room sharing options from which you can select one, along with the simultaneous prices for each.
  • Starting Point: Otherwise, you can call it the “Pick Up” point. Other than Pakyong Airport in Gangtok (which may remain shutting down during heavy winter season) only the New Jalpaiguri Railway Station (NJP) and the Bagdogra Airport are the nearest pick up point to Gangtok.
  • End Point: Basically, the place where the tour will end, which is from Darjeeling to NJP/Bagdogra drop.
  • Special Night: To set the mood further on a cold evening in Gangtok, Seasonzblue will be organize a night where you just sit around a Bonfire and keep yourself warmer, while having a heart to heart conversations or move around to the tunes of some beautiful songs (Remember, Shaam from the movie Aisha). Just in the worst case or any other unforeseen event, we are going to keep a dazzling DJ Night as a back for we simply want to provide you some quality time to simply relax after days a journeys and live in the moment and be with place itself.
  • Events: Well, we had planned it to keep this bit as a surprise but we soon decided to simply surprise you right away. Seasonzblue will be hosting 2-3 “Mini Events” every alternate day in the late evening or right before dinner just to keep the festivity on through the tour. There will be some fun, engaging, time effective and not at hectic games conducted where at the end of each event there will be winner who will receive a surprise gift from the Seasonzblue. Now, this bit is going to remain a surprise. For how long? We will see. Also, there will be a tour long “Mega Photo Sharing” Facebook event, again for which there will be a more special surprise gift for the ultimate single winner.” For more details, do check below
  • Photo Delivery: In this digital era, Seasonzblue understands the importance of having a photo on a wall or placed on your study table. Things like that, we believe holds a more personal touch than just having 100s’ of photos stored in your Smartphone. Hence, as a token of appreciation and a throwback to those old “No digital camera” days, Seasonzblue has decided to provide every group member a hard copy of their solo travel click as well as of the complete group photo.

Brief Itenary

Day 1: Pick up from NJP/Bagdogra and transfer to Darjeeling

Day 2: Darjeeling Sightseeing

Day 3: Darjeeling to Gangtok transfer

Day 4: Changu Lake and Baba Mandir

Day 5: Gangtok Sightseeing

Day 6: Gangtok to NJP/Bagdogra drop

Package Details (Based on room sharing)

As mentioned, in one of the bullets points above we have discussed the various tour charges based on how you would want to share a room. The options available are quad sharing, and triple sharing. Also, remember the type of room sharing also, depends on the availability. So maybe, try and get your bookings confirmed soon and don’t forget to collect your booking confirmation invoice from our executives after you have paid your booking charges.

  • Quad Sharing: Rs. 8,400/-
  • Triple Sharing: Rs. 10,400/-
  • Double Sharing: Rs. 12,400/-

Event Details

  • Blindfold Musical Chairs: In this game, you will be blindfolded, along with some other people, around a few placed chairs. What you have to do is as soon as a song starts playing, you will have to start dancing and once the music stops, you will have start finding a chair where you can sit. This game is considered to be one of the most Fun Game, which now gets used on many TV shows.
  • Flip cup relay: This game is as simple as it name. Finish your drink and flip the cup upside down on the table in a relay form which there will be teams for this. The team which complete the flipping the cups first will be declared the winner. 
  • Magic Carpet Ride: This is hilarious but a lot of fun and also can care of your fitness regime. Just sit on a carpet and push yourself forward with the simultaneous motion of your hip joint and both the feet without using your hand to cross the finishing line. Watch the YouTube video below to understand this better.

Mega Facebook Event

  • In this event, the group participants will have to post their two unique photos in the Seasonzblue’s Official Facebook Page ( everyday and for every Like, Comment and Share will receive 1 point, 2 points and 5 points respectively. The event will last till the 5th day of the tour and by the end of competition, the participant with the most point will receive a special prize from Seasonzblue.

Final Words

This 5 Night & 6 Day tour from 22nd to 27th December 2019 is going to be filled be sightseeing, some amazing location visit, great times, cold weather, fun activities and most of all  some lasting memories. With this intention, we aim to make this festive Christmas season just as perfect as it can be. So, if you are interested then do not wait much longer as booking space are going to be limited and time bound.

Guest Words

For more details, you can either visit seasonzblue or call/whatsapp at 7903154152 or keep a tab at our official facebook page.

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