Sikkim Darjeeling Tour Package

India defines diversity like no other nation. Be it culture, language, attires, or even places, India has diversity embraced at every mile. All of this has made India, one of the prime destinations for foreigners abroad and locals around to go on a travel spree now and then. From the historic Taj Mahal to the paradise on earth Kashmir, India has so much to offer to its travelers when it comes to exploring diversity in traveling. And of the many places, one can pick to travel there is one which after having remained unexplored for years has now gained prominence when it comes to tourism. And that place is the beautifully captivating North Eastern State of India, Sikkim. More importantly, we can offer the best Sikkim Tour Packages for you to get to know this Himalayan state like no one other.

Officially, the second smallest, first organic, and one of the cleanest states in India – Sikkim sits calmly in the lap of the Himalaya surrounded by the mystifying and magnetic and mighty Kanchenjunga and other mountains. The place is known for its cold climate, friendly people and their culture, glacier lakes and its breathtaking locations. There is so much to explore in Sikkim that one trip to this place won’t be enough but for starter one can always start from its capital city, Gangtok and neighboring Queen of the hills, Darjeeling. Even the most in-demand northeast tour package is the Gangtok Darjeeling Tour Packages.

How to Reach

The nearest airport to either Gangtok or Darjeeling is the Bagdogra International Airport while NJP station is the nearest railway station to both. From there it will be 4-5 hours of ride to either of the city. While one can hire a ride to the place, it is advisable to book transport facilities from a known tourism company for a hassle-free experience for your Gangtok Darjeeling Tour.

Best Time to Visit

April to June: This is the peak time for the complete sightseeing experience in Gangtok and Darjeeling. The weather remains cold but pleasant, the views vibrant, and the tourists love this time the most to visit these places.

October to December: This is the time of festivity in Gangtok and Darjeeling just like in many other places across India. But what makes these places special during this time is how things are celebrated here. It is a once in a lifetime experience to witness for all. Also, the weather gets colder and starts peaking in December.

January to March: This is the best time for snow lovers. Yes, it snowfalls near the Changu region of Gangtok. The weather remains extremely cold and the temperature can dip to freezing point. Also, this is the best time to avail of the cheapest Gangtok Darjeeling trip.

Places to Visit

  • Changu Lake/ Tsomgo Lake: This is a glacier lake and is the third highest lake in India. This is a major attraction known for its beauty and lores. During the winter season, the lake freezes and is often covered with snow all around. For a better view of this lake, one can do a ropeway ride in here.
  • Baba Harbhajan Mandir: This is a sacred temple dedicated to the bravery of a former Indian army soldier Harbhajan Singh. His spirit is been considered as the protector of the people living there. Lores and stories related to Harbhajan Singh are popular in Sikkim and are well documented throughout.
  • Ranka Monastery:  Ranka Monastery serves as one of the gorgeous creations of Buddhist architecture. It is surrounded by mountains and is located near Gangtok. This beautiful monastery lies close to the Banjhakri waterfall which is the prettiest waterfall in the area.
  • Happy Valley Tea Estate: It is a tea garden located in Darjeeling and is arguably the prime attraction in the city. This tea garden is spread over 177 hectares and sits at a height of 2,100 meters. One can enjoy the local tea flavors here and even take pictures wearing the local costume amidst the beautiful scenic beauty around.
  • Tiger Hill: A visit to Darjeeling can never be complete without a sunrise view atop from the Tiger Hill. It is a most placid, enthralling feeling to watch the sunrise from behind the mountains and the clouds here. Also, this place provides a clear view of the mighty Kanchenjunga for the naked eyes.

It has most of the things covered you wanted to know before planning your Gangtok Darjeeling trip. While those are 5 major places to visit on your Gangtok Darjeeling tour, there is so much more you will find in your tour to this beautiful Himalayan places.

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