Some of the popular foods in Sikkim

Sikkim is second smallest and least populated state of India. It lies in the north province of India and has risen us the one of most fond travelling in recent times. This state is known for its rich heritage culture and community and is the leading state to have become an organic farming state and 100 percent plastic ban. It’s also one of the few states in India to receive snowfall every year. It generally snows in some parts of the Sikkim, especially North Sikkim, in the late December- January – February. The people of Sikkim are also known to be calm, friendly and helpful.

Hidden in the bosom of Himalaya, Sikkim largely has remained unexplored for most parts in spite of being a beautiful place. But recently, lots of people are getting to know about this place and its breathtaking location as well as its flora and faunas. People have been flocking in hundreds to visit and explore various parts of Sikkim every year. The best time to visit Sikkim is usually from the months of March till June but for snow lovers they can visit the state from December to February when the weather is much cold.

From Yumthang Valley to Gurudongmar Lake, to Nathu la, to Pelling skywalk, to Chardham, etc Sikkim has almost everything to offer to any traveler. But do you know that Sikkim also boasts of some delicious, delectable, lips-smacking cuisines and local drinks. Well, some of it you can check below:

Momos (Dumplings)

Momos are mouthwatering dishes made with flour (maida) fillings of your choices by either steaming or frying. Today, we can find momos in every nooks and corners of the country but the Sikkimese momo served with chutney made with fiery, supremely hot dalley chilli is going leave anybody with a craving for more of those momos.


Originated in the eastern part of Tibet, Thukpas are generally a hot noodle soups. Over the year, thukpas have found a home in many other places like Nepal, Bhutan, Assam, Sikkim, Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh. This popular dish is made by mixing vegetables with or without chicken and taste awesome in the cold weathers of Sikkim. Thupkas are not just tasty but also healthy and are usually found in cafes and restaurants of Sikkim.


Gundruk is a fermented leafy green vegetable which was originated in Nepal and has moved to the parts of north eastern region of India. In fact, it has become one of the staple foods in Sikkim.

Sel Roti

Made out flour this is one of the special dish in Sikkim which can be found in many restaurants and joints. Mostly it is served with aloo dum and it looks somewhat like a jalebi which is sweet dish in India.

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