A Travel Opportunities Like Never Before: (Especially Structured For DK Internship Fellows)

Do you watch movies?

Do you know Ranbir Kapoor?

Do you know the famous Raj Kapoor?

Its obvious that your answer for all of the three questions above will be in YES.

Everyone watch movies.

Ranbir Kapoor is one of the versatile actors in Bollywood today who played Sanjay Dutt in his biographical movie, Sanju. He is also the son of the legendary Raj Kapoor who had originally dance to the popular and evergreen song “MERA JOOTA HAI JAPANI, YEH PATLOON ENGLISHTANI, SAR PAR LAL TOPI RUSI, PHIR BHI DIL HAI HINDUSTANI.”

Now, have you watched Ranbir Kapoor’s blockbuster movie “YEH JAWANI HAI DEEWANI (YJHD) ?”

Do you know who Kabir aka Bunny was in it?

What dreams Kabir/Bunny  had in that movie?

Okay, now here your answer will be clear  and less confused. It will be either a YES or NO for all three.

One who said yes would totally got my point later but

For the ones saying, “No” let me tell you that Ranbir Kapoor played the iconic character of Kabir in YEH JAWANI HAI DIWANI in which his dream was to TRAVEL the world.

And now whether he achieved his dream in the movie is irrelevant here.


I’m quite sure most of you will have YES as your answer because you are still reading this post.

So, are you close to your travel goals?

Have you ever been on a tour to a place you have never been to before?

Do you even intend to ever go on amazing tour?

The answer to the first two questions here will be either YES or a NO but I’m very sure that the answer to the last question will be  YES.

After watching the ‘YJHD’ Movie most of us wondered ourselves in movie amazing trekking scene,

 I did for sure! I mean who won’t, such an amazing bonfire, camping and enjoying with friends is something we always ready to go for!!

You might be wondering, how can I be so sure about this?

 It is because you are still reading this post. Here it might be a little confusing for you as to why I am narrating you this whole thing in some absurd manner and you might be curious for the climax here.

But there will be a few who will still continue to be with me on this post because I have successfully created an intrigue around my topic that is Travelling .

To them, I wholeheartedly welcome to the rest of this post because you guys actually had the patience to sit through so far and are also fond of travelling . I hope that all of you do bear with my post for a bit longer for there is still important and interesting for you, are about things related to travelling . Say for example:

Do you love traveling?

Do you want to be able to travel sometimes or every once in a while?

Is it your budget that keeps you from fulfilling your traveling dreams?

If your answer is NO to all of them then allow me to thank you for your time so far and for the remaining, if you had at least even one’s YES then I want to congratulate them all. It is because we are aware of the travel barriers. One’s which keeps away individual like most of us from pursuing our travel goals at all in the first. It is the TRAVEL BUDGET and Lack of awareness associated with it.

Many in India thinks and have even created memes on traveling saying things like,

“Traveling is the STATUS QUO.”

“Traveling is a LUXURY meant for rich people only.”

Now, if you agree with the statement that then allow me to tell you that this is nothing but a myth.

I am not saying that Travelling doesn’t cost a thing because indeed it does. But unlike popular belief, it is a costly hobby or passion to keep. If you can save just 500-1000 Rupees each month and 5-7 days in a year then you can at least visit one new destination every year.

All you need to do is have a little knowledge about how traveling is done and planning your trip in advance.

And here I’ve got both the things covered and how?

I am offering a 5 nights and 6 days Sikkim Darjeeling tour package to your entire team and your interns with complete accommodation (up to 3 stars hotel) with breakfast and lunch included as well as transport facilities covering pick up, drop, transfer from hotel to hotel, and sightseeing at an exclusive price of only Rs. 9,500/- per person for a group of a minimum of 50 people in it.

Yes, you read that right.

Believe in your own eyes!

It is only Rs. 9,500/- per person.

Although, there is a catch because this is LIMITED TIME OFFER and will be available till the 14th of April, 2020.

Also, this tour will have at least one of the Bonfire evening or DJ Party Celebration or some special events where you can win some cool prizes during the course of your trip.

Now, if you are reading this then first and foremost I’ll thank you to stayed still with me on the post. I’m also sure that the offer has made you intrigued and interested. Although, maybe wondering yourself in travelling look.

Why Sikkim Darjeeling?

Why not any other location?

To answer that, it is because I and my team are well aware of the place in the first place. Secondly, it is one of the best destinations in India. Third, it is arguably the best time to explore the city with a large group. Fourth and final, who doesn’t love a bit of snowfall or snow.

 Yes, I said, “Snow.” Tsomgo Lake also known as the Changu Lake is the third highest lake in India and one of the main attractions of the Sikkim Darjeeling Tour. This pristine lake can be found completely frozen in the months of March, April, and May. Also, the place is surrounded by snow for most parts of winter. Then there is the popular Harbhajan Singh Baba Mandir.

 I suggest if you are not aware of it then do GOOGLE about it yourself. I bet you won’t be disappointed. Also, one can visit there the popular India-China border otherwise known as Nathu La at only Rs. 500/- each per person. It is because the place comes under army jurisdiction and requires a special permit.

Then there are several other beautiful locations such as the Ranka Monastery, The Batasia Loop, The Buddhist Temple, Peace Pagoda, Tiger Hill, etc will leave you mesmerized with some great memories for a lifetime.

Every click there can be a unique view there. Yes, that’s how picturesque the places are. Not to mention the food culture and people living there who are probably the best kinds of people you can encounter in your lifetime. For more details, you can check our facebook page at facebook.com/seasonzblue or visit our website at seasonzblue.com or call us at 7903154152 or 9556852045 at any time.

Still, to provide you more insight about ourselves and the places itself, I’m sharing some Google review screenshot filled with customer feedbacks and images and links to their travel experiences having pictures in it.

And Finally, to read out some of our customer experience along with their trip photos, CLICK HERE

Finally, I would like to congratulate all of you for having connected till the end of the post because I wanted only the best and the travel enthusiast to come on a tour with us and create lifetime experiences, memories and have  lots of fun.

“Travel is still the most intense mode of learning”

-Kevin Kelly

For more details, you can check our facebook page at facebook.com/seasonzblue or visit our website at seasonzblue.com or call us at 7903154152 or 9556852045 at any time. Furthermore, you can text or WhatsApp us with the code “DK INTERN” to avail of a discount up to Rs. 500 on a first-come, first-serve basis. Although the code offer will be valid only till the 21st of January, 2020.

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