Umngot River in Dawki (Meghalaya)

We took This photo at Umngot river in #dawki (Meghalaya). The river has crystal clear water and in recent times has become one of the prominent tourists’ loved the location in Meghalaya, India. We can all just say that it is one of the tourist magnets. Once a tourist gets to know about the place, they can’t help but wonder visiting this place until they have visited it.

The place (Dawki) which was once listed in the most unexplored must visit places and rightfully, so it is now getting the attraction and love of the people all around. Today, the place is popular for boating and also snorkeling. People who do boating fall instantly in awe of the experience they are being a part of. Looking at those rocks and pebbles resting peacefully on the river bed and the varieties of fishes dancing around them with their naked eyes is definitely a thing of beauty and perhaps one of the rarest experiences.

Also, meet Dr. Arpita Mondal Banerjee (in the pic). She is a daughter, doctor, wife, mother, and an avid traveler. Apart from that, she is one beautiful, loving, caring, and understanding soul. It has been a great experience to have known her and being able to play a part in her life to help her tick off places from her long list (probably) of travel destinations. By the way, you can also say hello to her sweet husband and the darling son in the next photo below.

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