Likhe Jo Tujhe Khat Tujhe, Hazaron Rang Ke Nazarein Ban Gaye.” It will be tough for most people in today’s generation. But any lover boy or a girl or better your grandfather or grandmother or your mother and even your Father if you are not so awkward with him and vice versa and they will tell you that they have had heard of this many times in their glorious younger days and perhaps might have even hummed to it or may have even sung it for their school or college days crush. This is how beautiful and evergreen this song is and it features one of the most handsome and talented actors from the heartland of India to have graced the silver screen in the early 70s and he is none other than the great Late Shashi Kapoor.

But, I’m not here to tell you about him rather wanted to draw the emotion that the song has in it and ask a few questions such as “Are you married?” or “Are you in a relationship?” And if your answer is a voluntarily “YES” to either of the questions than allow me smoothly slide my next question on your mobile/laptop screen and that’s, “Are you romantic?

Now if you are still here then most likely it is because your answer is a “YES” or because “You are intrigued somewhere by that question and wondering where this is leading too.” Well, congratulations on both because I did well on holding your attention so far. Now, you probably start losing your attention on this post allow me to ask you an important question which is “What are you doing on this Valentine’s Day?” Come on, now don’t brush aside this question like it holds no importance in your life unless you are single or just have given up on romance. Valentine’s Day comes once in a year and it’s barely a month away. So, let me ask you a few more easy questions ASAP.

It’s going to be a Movie Night or an outdoor dinner or both?

It is going to be Netflix and chill?

Or is it going to be something special?

Here if your answer is a “YES” to either of the first two questions then I want to wish you all the best but if you fall in the third question category and for those who want to be like them as well, I am going to surprise you with a suggestion that will be no less than a regret for life is you turn it down or let it pass.

And that is the proposal of a Valentine’s Tour and where? Well, the place is none other than the handsome, the poetic storyteller, the apple of the eye, the forever bliss – The Sikkim accompanied by none other than what you call it as its better half – The beautiful, the enchanting, the captivating, Queen of all the hills – Darjeeling.

Yes, it will be a Sikkim Darjeeling tour covering what you can call the best romantic times of your life for it will be filled with the fulfilling days of sightseeing, bonfire, DJ Party, and some special couple based activities with many prizes to be won.

And if you’re wondering why it’s Sikkim Darjeeling and not any other popular destination than it is because it’s not like any other destination. It is one of kind and coupling it with the fact that the place is one of the only cleanest places in India, with the great crowd, delectable cuisines, amazing culture, and cheaper booze makes it a destination one should visit at least once in their lifetime. Above all, imagine proposing your partner next to a Frozen Lake surrounded by snow with the possibility of snowfall as well. Can you find a better and natural backdrop to propose your partner? I bet, “Yes, you can but not this comfortably.”

So, if you have read so far then try giving a few more minutes and our 5 Nights and 6 Days Sikkim Darjeeling Tour Package plan at only Rs. 14,900/- only with 5 Breakfast and 5 Dinner accommodation at up to 3 Star quality hotel covering hotel to hotel transportation as well as sightseeing, pick up and drop in a Luxury vehicle.

Still, to provide you more insight about ourselves and the places itself, I’m sharing some Google review screenshot filled with customer feedback and images and links to their travel experiences having pictures in it.

And Finally, to read out some of our customer experience along with their trip photos, CLICK HERE

To know more about us, visit: or call/Whatsapp us at 9556852045 or 7903154152. You can also check our facebook page at Furthermore, you can text or WhatsApp us with the code “VALENTINE SNOW” to avail of a discount up to Rs. 2500 on a first-come, first-serve basis. Although the code offer will be valid only till the 21st of January, 2020.

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