Why and How was My Trip To Sikkim?

 “Brother Of Seven Sisters.”

I know this Paradise on Earth for its Natural Beauty, to Relax and to get Recharge.

Thanks to My Mom

I believe that after one point in time, everyone needs a break from the daily schedule. Especially when the same routine becomes your life. Morning alarm, ringing mobile, maid’s excuse, busy traffic and pollution, work pressure and hunger for more growth. Where is life in between this? And, where is that mental peace? I needed the fresh air where I can close my eyes and take a deep breath to feel myself. My mom suggested-SIKKIM. Because, Sikkim is not just a holiday destination, but it’s a land where the inner Soul unites with God.

And My Journey Began Like This

I was giving a final look at the checklist. Warm clothes during this time in March are the most essential thing to carry if you are heading towards North-East. Yes, when the rest of India sweats from March, Sikkim experiences frozen temperature. This is the uniqueness of the Indian climate. I had boarded the train from Howrah Station to N.J.P ( New Jalpaiguri, W.B ) as there is no Railway Station or Airport in Sikkim because of its geographical features. It’s an overnight journey from Howrah. From N.J.P I had hired a cab for Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim. There is a Govt. Cab Booking Center, so no hectic or confusion about the rate. One can also take the flight to Bagdogra Airport in Siliguri, W.B. From there through roadway one can reach Sikkim. So I started heading towards Gangtok with my driver cum guide, Ashok Das. I started calling him Dada, meaning elder brother, which is a common synonym in the local language to address any male.

The Place I Stayed and Our Awesome Cabbie

It also gives a feeling of affinity. A wonderful feeling took birth to me. Beautiful morning, carpet-like road, dense forest on two sides, no pollution and Ashok Dada’s smooth driving at 80km/hour brought a smile on my face. I realized sometime later when Dada asked about the reason for my smile. I took out my jacket as I can feel the low temperature well, now. I saw military camps and big trucks with soldiers in it running on the road. Dada told me that as Sikkim shares International Borders with China, so it’s a high-security zone. The first thing that I experienced while entering the town was as if my cab turned into a roller coaster. It can very well understand that it had transformed the mountains into this beautiful town – a beautiful, modernized hilly town. Sharp turnings, steep slopes pumped out my heart. I already booked my room in ‘SUMMIT DENZONG HOTEL AND SPA’, One of the best star hotels in Gangtok.

The Places Where I Had Visited

There are about 25 key places to visit in Sikkim, but I was not so lucky to explore all of them. Even you can’t compare which one is the best. The Seasonzblue staff helped me to make my plan so I could use these 5 days.


Also known as Changu Lake is a glacial lake 40km away from the Capital. About 12,313 ft. high above the sea level and spread over 40 hectares, this lake has its importance. It mesmerized me when I saw this huge lake in a frozen condition. Also came to know that with the change of season, the lake’s surface reflects different colors. A snaky road through rocky mountains take to the Tsomgo lake has a lot of adventure. Yaks and Pony ride also make the ambiance more beautiful. Eating the local dish Momo with chicken soup in that nail-biting cold by the side of lake Changu adds a different flavor to your life.


A beautiful valley surrounded by snow-capped mountains took my heart away. I stayed in Lachung for one night to enjoy the snowfall under the moonlight. Early morning when I opened the window, I saw the first rays of sun touching the snow-capped mountains. It seemed as if someone had wrapped the peak with Gold Sheets. Awesome!!


The big treasures of deep forests and varied wildlife make Pelling the most attractive tourist place. Rimbi and Kanchenjunga waterfall makes beauty more colorful. Sitting on the roadside and watching the sunset behind the mountains will make you speechless. Spending time in Sanga Choeling Monastery and the chanting of Buddhist Monks gave me immense mental pleasure. Maybe this was the peace that I was looking for.


A peaceful, beautiful, pollution-free hilly town gave me immense love in these 5 days. I think we should award Gangtok as the neatest and clean state capital of India.  The M.G Road market is the best place for not only shopping but also to spend quality time with your near and dear ones. When you see Gangtok from the Zero Point, you will understand the creativity and hard work of humans for making such a beautiful hilly town.

Sikkim is a place of big-hearted people with a smiling face. They are Loyal and Honest. Being a woman, I spend 5 days there without a drop of problem. Although I returned from Sikkim physically, I left my soul there.

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