Why Visit Sikkim?

Before Sikkim became the 22nd Indian state in 1975, it was the Himalayan monarchy. Its addition to the already seven sisters of the North East India has rightfully made North East India a must visit place for tourist and travelers alike. Surrounded by the mighty Kangchenjunga Mountain and other Himalayan hills, Sikkim is nestled perfectly to be called a hill station and has recently evolved into a major touring destination for India.

But what makes it so popular amongst the traveler? Lets us check some of the reasons behind that.

Eco Friendly Place

If you believe in the concept of green travel or spending time with self sustainable natural resources then Sikkim is simply a must visit destination for you. The vast breathtaking Kangchenjunga National Part is full of greenery and contains some of the rare species of animals like Snow Leopard and Red Panda.

First and only Organic State

Yes, you read that right. Sikkim is an organic state and is the only full-fledged organic state in India. Travelers are often welcomed to visit the rural the villages of Sikkim and have their first hand experience of organic foods while living in any nearby comfortable hotels or homestay.

Rare Gastronomic Experiences

From Momos, Thupka, Gundruk, local liquors, etc Sikkim is popular for its delectable cuisines and this has become another reason why thousands of tourist have been visiting to this place every year. They have their unique style of preparing food which makes the food so different, and yet so yummy and good.

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