Why visit South India?

When we plan our travel bucket list, most of us picks a place or two from South India. But nobody has ever asked why visit South India when there is the rest of India having so many locations to explore? Simply said, this is because apart from its rich cultural heritage, religiousbackground, and great hospitality, South India also offers a range of locations to pick from. Be it the hills of Ooty, beaches at Pondicherry, the temple at Rameshwaram, or the Kerala backwater South India has it all.

In a span of few days, one can be on top of a mountain, resting on a beach, visiting temples, and spending a comfortable evening in one of the backwater boathouse in Kerala. No other region in India has this much to offer when it comes to traveling.

Also, what makes South India a must visit travel destination in India is it popular South Indian cuisine. Who does know or have seen or tasted idli and dosa. These two South Indian cuisines are two of most popular cuisines all over India.

Even their lifestyle is worth nothing which is filled with simplicity. The people there are so down to earth that everyone can learn a thing or two from them. Also, who does not know Rajnikant and A.R. Rehman. The two living legends of the world are from South India.

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